Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not dead!

Terribly disappointing, I know. Sorry for the lapse, lovely readers. It hasen't been for lack of fuglies to blog about, it has been for lack of time to cover all the idiocy going on. I love my breed, I truly do. I love the American Pit Bull Terrier too. Its the owners I can't stand. Every single day I lurk the boards, and the breeder sites, and the facebooks, and the shitstorm is overwhelming. There aren't enough minutes in the day to cover all the stupid things I see and hear. Its building to a climax and I can only hope we come out the other side soon, and then we can sweep away the chaff and settle down and actually make progress.

But until then, the people and what they are doing make me want to go live underground and have an ant farm.

I'll leave you with this wonderful gem in the meantime. Next post will probably be an information dump (maybe), I have been reading and researching a lot lately on genetics and psychology so thats definitely on the brain.

Yes. This is a real dog. Not a paper mache construct made by a blind 10 year old.

And your eyes are not deceiving you. He is indeed at a show. An ABKC show, I am told, just this last weekend. Where? Who owns him? Who bred him? Why? I have no answers for those. Maybe a reader can clue me in, although I am not sure any AmBully people read my blog

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  1. Oh my. I think they broke their dog.

    There was an ABKC show in Atlanta on Feb 11th, 2012. This is probably where his photo was taken. As for his breeders/owner, no clue.

    I've seen some pretty severe swayback, but this dog takes the cake. His toeing out is so severe as well, I would imagine it is painful for him to walk...