Monday, June 27, 2011

Five most dangerous dogs in the world

Revealed: The 5 Most Dangerous Dogs In The World!

Posted on 09 April 2011 by admin
Undoubtedly it’s going to be controversial. Without fear of chicken counting, it will receive a lot of traffic. And without any element of doubt, it might cause ripples but it needs to be out there, for the public to know. We’ve decided to publicly name the five MOST dangerous dogs on the planet.
The Most Dangerous Dogs in the World
in reverse order:

5. Badly fed dog.
Badly fed dog is the animal who’s been fuelled up with a diet fit for an Olympic weight lifter, but who only ever gets to expend about 20% of the calories he takes in. He’s got lots of energy and his mismatched diet can manifest in bouts of sudden energetic rampaging. Badly fed dog would ask you to consider; how you would feel spending your day in an office when every inch of your body is throbbing and twitching as you crave the opportunity to actually use up some of those excess calories. Badly fed dog would be happier and safer if his diet reflected his lifestyle.

4. Never had any friends dog.
Otherwise known as ‘totally under socialised dog’.
He was a little naughty when he was a puppy, so his owner decided he’d be better off being kept away from all other forms of animal life. He now spends his days obsessing over what it would be like to chase other dogs around and, by George, one of these days he’s gonna actually do it!
Never had any friends dog is going to present his owner with a lifetime of problems, he has no social skills and has never had a chance to learn natural interaction through the teachings of his own kind. He’ll meet new dogs and will be about as socially adept as a 45-year old virgin at a Playboy mansion party. He’s going to blow it. Big time.

3. Shouty.
Shouty is the dog who has spent most of his life shouting at folks or being shouted at himself. He sees people on his street, he shouts at them. In turn, his owner shouts at him. Shouty presumes being shouted at is a recognition of his excellent work. In fact, hearing his owner shouting in response to his own shouting encourages his assumption that they’re just as upset, anxious, nervous, angry as HE is about the audacity of other people/dogs/pigeons to walk past his window. Shouty is relentlessly encouraged and endorsed in his shouty behaviour and, a bit like no friends dog, shouty spends his days imaging how good it will be when he FINALLY gets his chance to get face to face with the objects of his ire.

2. House proud.
House proud dog is SO touchy about people coming to his digs unannounced, he’ll happily maim you for your insolence in trying to visit his abode without obtaining the correct visitation paperwork.
House proud dog does a line in dishing out injuries to posties, meter readers and delivery people. Fortunately for house proud dog, his owners absolutely REFUSE to believe he is capable of violence, so leave him completely unattended to dish out his own brand of justice to anyone brash enough to consider entering his domain.

1. Spoilt dog.
“That’s mine and these are mine, those are mine, I’m entitled to that, I believe that I saw that first, I lay claim to those, I own all of these, I’m the rightful proprietor of this…”
Welcome to the world of spoilt dog. Quite simply, he believes everything he wants, he can have. Woe betide anyone to tell him differently. His timid owners have never had the heart to let him know that in the human world, simply showing your teeth and growling doesn’t constitute a legal contract on the ownership of goods. They let him off and, worse, they let him keep his spoils, which he’ll gather up and place in his own corner of the world.
Sadly, spoilt dog is, one day, going to meet someone who is unaware that he has previously laid claim to every possession on earth. Unfortunately, unlike spoilt dog’s owners, this person is going to have to find out the hard way just how deep spoilt dog’s sense of entitlement runs. Really hard luck if it happens to be a youngster, blissfully ignorant to the fact that the shiny ball on the floor is spoilt dog’s most prized possession (at that VERY moment). A few stitches and a spell in hospital ought to serve as a permanent reminder though.

[You know it makes sense.]

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Help me, for I am ugly.

What on earth is this? A rat? Some kind of mustelid baby? An alien? An ewok?

BUT WAIT, THERES MORE!!! I swear their eyes and foreheads bulge out PAST their noses. How do these things walk around without falling over? They look like bobblehead toys, and are about as big. This is disgusting. But you, too, can own one for the low low price of $4500!

Friday, June 24, 2011

This should be abuse. But its not.

Why do people take such poor care of their animals that you end up with urine burn and crate sores, and then not only do you ignore these things, you ban anyone who speaks up about them . . . .

The logic of this just escapes me. Take care of your prize animals, and maybe you wouldn't have "haters" "hatin" on you constantly. (I was just banned, again, from the Razors Edge board for asking a gentleman why his stud had sores all over his feet)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Good

I've been bitching about the nasty and plain ugly, so heres some of the flipside, nicely built American Bullies, of 3 of the 5 main class/sizes. I have tried to get a decent mix of the sizes and genders. All of these dogs have mass and type, but without losing their basic skeletal/musculature SOUNDNESS. I know 3/4 of these dogs personally and they CAN haul ass, and run and jump and twist and turn. And they don't tire easily.

Male, Standard

 Male, Extreme

 Female, Extreme, or Standard if the owner chooses to show her in that class.

Female, Pocket

Male, Pocket (approx 1 year of age. He might finish out going either pocket or extreme)

Male, Pocket

Male, Standard

Male, Pocket, and Female, Pocket. The male could be shown in the extreme class, and the female could go standard, but per HEIGHT, they are both pocket.

Female, Standard or Extreme

And a class that doesn't get a lot of fans, XL
Female, XL

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Whats going on here?

I'm sorry my  "good bully" post is long in coming, I am trying to assemble pictures. Meanwhile, can any show people tell me what on earth is going on with this dogs gait, and why it looks like this, and more importantly, what structural abnormality CAUSED this?

And by this I mean the odd thing his overreaching / right hind leg is doing. Instead of being two / / and two  \ \ he is / \\\

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Proud of their "Freakshow"

While it makes me happy to see people speaking out against these kinds of dogs, even within the American Bully community, I am still dismayed at the number of people praising it, and breeding to it, and thinking its something wonderful. All of these dogs are offspring to the red male. I just can't even get into whats wrong with this picture. Avoid anything related to this dog, at all costs.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Krazy Kolor breeders

Now in the American Bully. Look assholes, just because its a rare color doesn't mean it needs to have its balls. He has tiny piggy eyes, a snipey long snout, no type to his head, hes out at the elbows, SEVERELY easty westy, short upper arm, cowhocked, spider toes,  high rear, no muscle tone, no bone, no substance. Folks, THIS DOG IS FUGLY. Not even his color can save him!

And while I'm ranting about ugly lilacs and purples, what the hell is this thing? Do my eyes deceive me when I see MANGE??????

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Do they believe the shit that comes out of their mouths?

Found these lovely gems on a semi notorious gamebred "merle pit bull" breeders website.  Hasn't it been established, beyond any doubt, that those breed ID tests don't work worth a damn??

For those skeptics, here is the dog in question. Does this look like a purebred APBT to you? I have owned Catahoulas, and deliberate 50/50 Catahoula/Pit crosses. I love the Catahoula, no issue with them at all. This dog screams "mix", to me.

From this same website, the breedings page. Read between the lines "We are too irresponsible to keep dogs separated so we are going to say "Its Gods will"", as if the Creator Of All Things (if He exists) gives a shit about what particular dog mates another dog....

But look! They're really cheap!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

$5000 will get you....

Obnoxious thug crunk rap warning: Turn off speakers before clicking

Here are two big name studs that you can use for the low low price of $5,000!

What is wrong with people? High rears and fucked up fronts don't even begin to cover the issues here!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is this?

Anyone know why these poor babies are so deformed? Sphynx kittens posted on a dog board recently. No idea who has them, but... What the hell IS this?!?!

Just what we need. Killer dogs in fad colors!

Ok so "killer dog" is a little bit strong. The Caucasian can be a wonderful dog, submissive and loving and sweet, but nobody fools themselves into thinking he isn't still a Loaded Gun when danger threatens. And now we have Caucasians, undiluted (lol) from working stock, in dilute colors.

The world does not need this.

Oh craigslist... you so crazy

9 month old pit bull with slipping hocks, no breed type, and who knows what else going on structurally, can't tell with him eating out of a football. But hes intact! You can breed him! Hes hard to handle, because I am too damn lazy to get off my ass, unchain my pit bull puppy from the tree out back, and take him for a walk. Who doesn't want an untrained, ill mannered, unsocialized, half crippled puppy? You can breed him!

FIVE month old untrained crippled intact pit bull puppy! Doesn't walk on a leash but can sit! (sometimes). Noms your hand when you offer food (lovely!). Hes not "nuetured" so hes worth a lot because you can breed him. I thought I would be a sneaky SOB and have too many dogs but Animal Control isn't stupid, they're on to me! He will need rabies again (again? AGAIN? Hes FIVE months old? When was his first one?!?!?!). You too can have a flipper footed unsocialized ill mannered stud dog!

On a similar note, via craigslist and ebay classifieds, I have discovered new horrors in the Mad Scientist Laboratories of fad crossbreeds. Doberdoodles and Great Doodles. Doberman + Standard Poodle, and Great Dane + Standard Poodle.....


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cesar Milan: The Dog Choker - Part II

There are no words for this.

Cesar Milan: The Dog Choker - Part I

Enough with the bullies, lets talk about the most famous dipshit in the dog world, Cesar Milan. Abusive, ignorant, close minded, blind, SNAKE OIL SALESMAN. His solution to everything is to kick or choke out your dog.  Literally. He calls hysterics, fear, excitement, enthusiasm, breed traits, everything under the sun, by the same trumped up name "aggression" and he ignores real aggression/warning behaviors, because he is too stupid or ignorant to see them. I can't count how many times I saw his precious widdle baby, Daddy, give him the stinkeye or guard his food from Cesar, and he didn't once even notice. Now I'm not a trainer, or a behaviorist, but I fucking listen to my own dogs and the dogs around me, when they talk to me with their body. And I don't attempt to shove every dog into the same mold. I don't ignore and disregard manmade breed traits that are stronger than instinct.

Before you DW fans go screaming at me, I HAVE read his books. I HAVE watched his show, just about every last darn episode of it. I HAVE met Cesar himself. I HAVE met dogs that he has "fixed" -shudder-.

I don't need to slander Cesar. I don't need to make up lies about Cesar. Its all right there, on his show, for all to see.

Tell me there isn't a million things wrong with this entire clip.

In the first 30 seconds I already want to cringe, he calls the leash pulling and barking "aggression" when its very clear the dog simply doesn't know how to not pull on a leash, and is out of control excited at the sight of over dogs. This dog has just been yanked around and kicked, he has never been shown clearly what is wanted of him. He is terrified of Cesar but still has NO clue what hes supposed to be doing.

And the idiot with the tug toy-- NO. You do NOT have complete attention from that Mal. The tug in your hand has the complete attention from that Mal. Put the toy down on a table and try to walk away with the dog and I guarantee he won't pay you any mind at all.  I DO like the lovely heels and focus he is getting while he has the toy, but like food dependent training, it will only get you so far. I would rather see the dog looking at my face than at my hands.

I like that brings in low key dogs, but Cesar babbling about "energy" is just more snake oil salesman crap. Just because you are too stupid to see it Cesar, doesn't mean its invisible. Its body language, not ESP.

I love the positive attention that flirt poles got, and I definitely think Troy is probably a perfectly good dog, with no aggression at all, he just needs a working sort of owner, not the dumb soccer grandma  he has. Why do people do this to themselves? If the dog doesn't suit your personality, sell the poor thing to someone who can use it!

Sticks! Sticks everywhere! (NSW)

This is what I get to see breeders proudly showing off. Shes two weeks from whelping. Yay! More stick straight puppies! Her size isnt bad, but shes grossly underdone, much much too terrier for the Am Bully. She should, more properly, be considered an APBT, but not even APBTs have such retarded structure. No angulation, anywhere. This dog is a roached box on sticks. At least her feet are nice.... Thats all I can say.

And then theres this. I don't know if I should laugh uncontrollably or rage and pull my hair out. (did I mention my blog is not worksafe?) (I tried to figure out a setting to only show the first few lines of a post until you clicked on the blog entry itself, and I can't find it, otherwise I would have done that here. Sorry!)

Monday, May 30, 2011

No, you may not have my "puppie"

Whatever possessed someone to beg for a free pit bull puppy as a companion for their mixed breed Catahoula Lab thingiething. This is just the worst idea in the long sad history of bad ideas. "Oh but they will be the best of friends! I watched The Dog Whisperer!" I can almost hear their excuses.

And while I'm on craiglist, I swear if I see one more listing that says "my reptile has to go for 10 times more than its worth because I just don't hold it enough anymore and its lonely" MY BRAIN IS GOING TO EXPLODE. YES. EXPLODE. People. Its a snake. As long as you are throwing it a 60 cent mouse every couple days its happy as a pig in shit. And your shitty normal phase ball python (or your nasty normal phase corn snake. Or your underweight calcium deprived gecko) you got from Petco is not worth $150, not even with a 10 gallon tank included. (I know that wasn't dog related and I'm sorry. It won't happen again.)

Do they think this is gonna sell their nasty obese rhino?

A warning should accompany this: Don't watch while eating or drinking anything

Firstly the dog is DISGUSTING. Tons of loose flews and lips everywhere, floppy easty westy feet, nasty little tiny piggy eyes, dropped pinched (yellow?!) chest, short upper arm, short forearm, high rear what little you can actually see of the BODY of the dog and not his ugly face. And the music... Like they are presenting an award! The camera angles and jerking and panning all over almost made me nauseous and did hurt my eyes. Yikes. This guy needs an award for "How to not sell your dog". Nothing about this video makes me like this dog or his crackpot owner.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

And now the ladies

So far I have just featured trainwreck males and nice males. The Am Bully is a male-oriented breed, unfortunately, and good females don't tend to be as impressive or flashy so they aren't as noticed. They also don't tend to be as messed up, structurally, but when they are whoooooo boy lookout

This sad little girl is named Sweet Money. Likely for what her idiot owner is anticipating making off her when he breeds her to death. Theres unfortunately nothing about this poor baby thats correct or even reasonable.

Now that you have seen horrifying, here is another brindle and white bitch that is lovely, and her breeders did something right with her. Shes not perfect of course, but her faults are minor and the total package is just wonderful, lots of bulk and breed type, without losing her femininity. Unfortunately I do not know her name or who owns her, but kudos to them! I can only hope that when (not if) she gets bred, the male is just as balanced and cute.  And look, she has a full tail!

Good breeders create better and better

This is an example of a good breeder, lest you all think American Bullies are somehow a breed composed entirely of freaks and animals created by a drunk Picasso. He is not hiding or photoshopping any angle of his animals, he has correct and to-the-standard dogs, and reading (approx) from top to bottom, he is getting better and better every generation. He also shows heavily, and makes an honest effort to help and educate his fellow dog people. This is the kind of person that is GOOD for a breed.

Remember, unless its a step forward, its a step back!

One more pic of 3 generations, R to L. These are all mature intact males, as well. You CAN breed for correct temperament. These things are not random, people!

Abusive show handling, GO!

Gotta love this picture. The show photographer said afterwards that she saw the entire thing building to a head and kept her camera trained on the dog for the moment he retaliated. Showing a dog on a prong? What the hell is wrong with people? If your dog is so unruly and out of control that you can't manage to hang on for the ride IN A SHOW RING, why is your dog out in public anyway? What I would really like to know, mostly, is how the hell your relationship with your own dog degrades to the point where he feels he has to bite you to tell you hes upset or stressed.

My mind is just blown right now. (Note this is a very old picture, from several years ago. I just fall over every time I see it.)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Donate Dictionaries to the bully community. Please.

No pics this time, but I recently saw a gentleman post his new puppy with great pride, explaining earnestly that her pedigree was VERY exclusive, and then proceeded to tell me what was in it.

Black Ace x2
Romeo x2
Godzuki x2
Monster Jojola x2
and a few other things that are directly related to all the above dogs, all 2 or 3 times. These are grossly overused dogs-- last time I checked, Mr Ace has offspring numbering in the thousands, and most of those are inbred on him so 90% of his grandprogeny have him 2 or 3 or 4 times in there, or all of the above dogs 5 times each, or something similar.

I tried very politely to explain that this was not exclusive, as thats not what the word exclusive meant, and was met with hostility and a very long rant about how much bone this puppy has, and how her head is amazing, and her eyes are set very far apart "separation" (newbies seem to think this means the head will be very big when they get older) and a bunch of stuff that didn't have anything to do with exclusive pedigrees.

Don't you love ignorance?

Arf arf arf arf!

More seals! Because everybody should have a dog with his feet in different zipcodes! He even has flippers, actual flippers! Webbed, splayed toes. His left elbow looks like its holding a grudge against his ribcage, and doesn't he look just super happy to be alive! Another trainwreck male off a Big Name Stud, trying to make their money back. Look people if you didn't get conned and taken in by pretty websites, bling, and Big Names in the first place, you wouldn't have garbage that you blew $thousand$ on. Doesn't anybody look at their dogs? Or pick up a book?