Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Good

I've been bitching about the nasty and plain ugly, so heres some of the flipside, nicely built American Bullies, of 3 of the 5 main class/sizes. I have tried to get a decent mix of the sizes and genders. All of these dogs have mass and type, but without losing their basic skeletal/musculature SOUNDNESS. I know 3/4 of these dogs personally and they CAN haul ass, and run and jump and twist and turn. And they don't tire easily.

Male, Standard

 Male, Extreme

 Female, Extreme, or Standard if the owner chooses to show her in that class.

Female, Pocket

Male, Pocket (approx 1 year of age. He might finish out going either pocket or extreme)

Male, Pocket

Male, Standard

Male, Pocket, and Female, Pocket. The male could be shown in the extreme class, and the female could go standard, but per HEIGHT, they are both pocket.

Female, Standard or Extreme

And a class that doesn't get a lot of fans, XL
Female, XL


  1. Wow, so it turns out that this breed can actually look athletic and useful, rather than just plain strange lol

    I like the last dog best, but I am a fan of larger dogs in general >.<

  2. Sorry. Don't like them at all. Not as deformed as the English Bulldogs, of course, but still not a dog that I would give house room.
    Different folks, different strokes. Thanks for showing them however.

  3. These dogs don't look athletic to me, they look overly muscled due to underlying structural problems. I believe you that they're athletic, but they're not a dog I would pick for a performance dog (flyball, my sport of choice, for instance). I have two dogs that are heavily muscled like this (not Am. bullies), and both are because of structural problems...and the muscles develop like this to compensate for the skeletal issue. Though I'd have to admit, it's hard to really look at structure in the photos where they're not taken from the side. I'd like to see full on front and side pics of each dog.

  4. The American Bully is not a working breed. They are not intended to be built like a traditional APBT, they are not intended to be built for a working task. They are a pet, like the Bulldog, or Toy Poodle.

  5. I guess I just don't understand the point of the breed? I have Australian shepherds, and I don't understand the point of breeding ugly little dogs and calling them "Toy Aussies". Why breed for nothing but looks? Many breeds that were intended to work originally (bulldogs for example) have been ruined by breeders breeding for looks and not soundness. You bash breeders for breeding just for color, but yet these "good example" dogs aren't bred for much more, are they?

  6. I think the point of the breed, far as I can tell, is that folks just want a macho looking dog. Back in the 90's I saw this style evolving from the ghetto - it somehow just was cool to have a short and thick pit bull. All sorts of breeds were crossed in to achieve the shorter stature. The real crime here is that most if not all of them are registered through UKC/AKC & ADBA - and those registries standards all do NOT describe any of the dogs pictured. The dogs pictured would be dismissed for lack of merit if they were shown in AKC or UKC rings.

    I have no problem breeding for "looks" - in this case these dogs are being bred for companion use and when done well there is nothing wrong with that, given there appears to be a niche. The travesty here is that these dogs are bringing the legit APBT breed down by being registered as such.

    I've checked with the UKC - the issue of this style being registered as APBT has been an ongoing conflict for many years. UKC has advised that if you see these dogs that do not meet the UKC breed standard being registered with the UKC to file a written complaint, signed and dated, and to include all the supporting documentation you can provide. I intend to print out photos and pedigrees showing these dogs registered as UKC APBT look nothing of the sort. Perhaps with enough concerned breeders and admirers filing complaints we can force this style out of the APBT pedigree database and either out of the UKC, or if the breeders of this style work together, recognized by the UKC as the American Bully - and NOT the APBT.

  7. All of the dogs pictured are ABKC registered American Bullies.

  8. You're telling me that with all this muscle and huge front end these dogs would not even be any good at weight pulling?

    Wow, that sucks. I suppose I do not know enough about bully breeds to recognize whether I'm looking at an athletic dog or not. In that case I find the muscle misleading.....

  9. @thegermanchick, that are not a working breed, they are not *intended* for any sport or task. You CAN, of course, do anything your dog seems to take a liking to. Theres no reason whatsoever an American Bully cannot do agility, obedience, tracking, or weightpull. They are just not bred for those things, in the way that Chinooks or carting breeds, or herding breeds are bred for some of the above purposes. A Labrador could weight pull, maybe, but you wouldn't make it a breed requirement that all Labradors should be bred for the sport, that would be silly. All American Bullies are bred for the purpose of pets-- what an individual owner gets a notion to do with their pet dog is up to them, and good for them! Competitive sports are a lot of fun, but for this breed its the icing, not the cake.

    I hope that made a little more sense! :)

  10. How many American bullies are competing in weight pull? Do you know any personally? I'd be curious at how well they do.

    Of course any breed can try different sports...I have a friend with a fantastic weight-pulling sheltie who wins many prizes/ribbons, because he's so good at pulling. No, shelties aren't bred for this, but he's just well bred and loves to pull.

    I just wonder about how good any of these dogs could be in a given sport, because when you're bred to be a pet, often little thought is given to structure and stamina, etc...because color, size, and look is the most important thing.

  11. The sad thing also about being bred for pets is that health testing is usually tossed right out the door. I just wonder if any of these dogs featured as good examples have any OFA health certifications on them.

  12. @Theresa Several of them do, yes :)

  13. Please post the OFA link.

  14. From the dogs I could quicklyl identify and research, not one has any OFA certifications. I found 4 dogs - nearly half - without OFA's.

    Moss Creek’s honky tonk stomp - no

    Bullies on the Block Nani - no

    Bully market Beastro - no

    Pratt’s the kings soldier - no

    Can you provide the names of the rest of the dogs so I can do my own research if you are unable to post the OFA records of the dogs who DO have them?

  15. Most of these dogs still fugly.... I know a few American Bullies that do look good and are functional.

  16. Peace, I'll be honest - I agree with you 100% - these Am Fugs are fugly as sin. BUT I am used to the traditionally bred to AKC/UKC/ADBA standard dogs - so these dogs can't be anything but fugly to me when you register them as American Pit Bull Terriers.

    Now, call them American Bullies and register them as such with out riding on the coat tails of the APBT, THEN I can shift my thinking; I can handle a new breed with a new name: just stop calling them APBT.

    I would really like to see this breed developed as its own separate breed. Like any newly emerging breed, there will be growing pains. But this breed cannot grow in the proper direction while it still registers its dogs as APBT. Have the stud books open as they are at present, and then register ABKC from there on out. The dual registration of these dogs as both APBT and AmBulls -two breeds - needs to stop.

  17. @Theresa- The first dog is Pratt's Ooh-Rah of Semper Fi and is a friend of mine's dog and he has been health tested. I'm not for sure if she has the results on her website but he has had them done. He is an ABKC Grand Champion, lovely dog. However, because of the totally crappy practices of 99% of the Am Bully "breeders", she has decided to get out of showing and breeding and just enjoy her dogs as they are.

  18. You mean the 'standard' blue male with white trim in the very first photo? He IS OFA for hips - fair /elbows - dysplastic /knees - normal @ just over a year (like CERF you should do knees annually):

    One dog with OFA's out of 10.

    Do you know the names of the other dogs? I'd like to search. I actually like the blue dog (as an Am Bull) and think Beastro is kind of cute (for an Am Bull) too - but I am a sucker for tri-coloreds.

  19. Theresa, your notions seem to be a little behind the times. Every American Bully owner or breeder I currently have any communication with is just as disgusted with the breed mixup as you guys are. They don't want their name tainted with "pit bull terrier" any more than you want your pit bull terriers tainted with "bully".

    I currently know no Am Bully owner or breeder, good or bad, amazing or BYB, currently calling their dogs pit bulls. Some still use UKC for convenience, or the words pit bull are part of their kennel name and site and those are hard to change, but of all those that do, they are eagerly awaiting the day the ABKC gets together a little more and offers the same quality and services, and then they will switch to ABKC ONLY.

    The only people still screaming and throwing tantrums over "them" supposedly using "our" name, is you guys :)

    I was pretty sure TBM and Semper Fi tested all their dogs, at least that is what I was told. If only one Semper Fi dog is tested, then the error is in my head, sorry bout that! I believe Frost Fell is wanting to health test, so we will see if that ever happens

  20. There's an "Extreme" class? Well, that just says it all, doesn't it?