Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh craigslist... you so crazy

9 month old pit bull with slipping hocks, no breed type, and who knows what else going on structurally, can't tell with him eating out of a football. But hes intact! You can breed him! Hes hard to handle, because I am too damn lazy to get off my ass, unchain my pit bull puppy from the tree out back, and take him for a walk. Who doesn't want an untrained, ill mannered, unsocialized, half crippled puppy? You can breed him!

FIVE month old untrained crippled intact pit bull puppy! Doesn't walk on a leash but can sit! (sometimes). Noms your hand when you offer food (lovely!). Hes not "nuetured" so hes worth a lot because you can breed him. I thought I would be a sneaky SOB and have too many dogs but Animal Control isn't stupid, they're on to me! He will need rabies again (again? AGAIN? Hes FIVE months old? When was his first one?!?!?!). You too can have a flipper footed unsocialized ill mannered stud dog!

On a similar note, via craigslist and ebay classifieds, I have discovered new horrors in the Mad Scientist Laboratories of fad crossbreeds. Doberdoodles and Great Doodles. Doberman + Standard Poodle, and Great Dane + Standard Poodle.....



  1. I actually think the black and white dog is cute. True, he has one fugly rear leg with the luxated hock, for sure needs to be neutered, but overall he has nice type, size, proportion and angles - I wish I had room for another pet.

  2. I think he's pretty. 5 months old isn't too bad and they were honest in the reasons for trying to get a new home. You have an opportunity to do something really great with your blog...please don't be like FHOTD. That one dog isn't eating out of a football either, it's eating out of a bowl.