Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Proud of their "Freakshow"

While it makes me happy to see people speaking out against these kinds of dogs, even within the American Bully community, I am still dismayed at the number of people praising it, and breeding to it, and thinking its something wonderful. All of these dogs are offspring to the red male. I just can't even get into whats wrong with this picture. Avoid anything related to this dog, at all costs.


  1. OMG. They look like a caricature of all that can be wrong with a breed that you might come across in a magazine for educational purposes.

    Most of them look really sad, too, probably because their weird spaghetti-like legs and funky chests and spines hurt.

    That brindle one looks like a toy I used to have where the legs were bendy and had no joints... Even my five-year-old self knew that that is not what a real animal is supposed to look like and I used to call it "Gimpy"... Wonder if that's what the dog is called? Then again, it is probably more like "Killer" or "Butch" or something ridiculous like that haha

    What is the breed registry doing to help these poor critters? Are they amending breed standards etc or are they the morons who breed this crap? If so, the breed will shortly be the laughing stock of the entire dog world.

    Could you feature a few more nice examples such as that bitch you had on here the other day to allow people who don't know much about conformation to compare more easily? I really think the difference between that animal and these things is like night and day and will open a lot of people's eyes who have no clear idea of what is being bagged out here lol

  2. The red stud is actually named Freakshow lol hence the title.

    Thats a fabulous idea, I will try to collect together a bunch of pictures and maybe I'll ever draw little lines everywhere to show how and why they are good, vs how and why the bad ones are bad.

    *I* know what I'm looking at, unfortunately I am terrible at explaining to other people what is plain as day to me.

  3. I don't think this is scary at all. From the limited pictures provided Freakshow is tied in up front and could use more bone. The first puppy, what appears to be a brindle frenchie, missed the mark as she seems to have the same faults as her sire - going by the pictures alone, as health testing is not provided. But the second pup Indo is a phenotypic improvement over his sire - he is not tied in, and has the bone his sire does not.

    There are no perfect dogs. If we tossed out each dog with a fault we'd have no dogs. So the best any breeder can do is to work towards their ideal - at their own pace, in their own way.

    I'd be more critical of this dog if I could see his health testing - as well as the other dogs stated to be more quality than Freakshow. That is where you truly sort the wheat from the chaff.

  4. Theresa are you implying that so long as Freakshows hip and elbow scores were acceptable, you WOULD BE FINE WITH SOMEONE BREEDING HIM?

  5. Frosty, you clearly have no clue about breeding. You clearly are using this blog to bash folks you don't like while giving attaboys to your home boys. You boast the Am-fugs posted earlier are sound - when its documented that one is not. So you would rather breed pretty dogs that are crippled than move forward with one like Freakshow if he had certified sound hips and elbows?

  6. My bad - I see its 4 puppies, 3 from the same litter, if not all from the same litter?

    I'd say if he improved on 3 of the 4, that ain't bad. I would not go back to the well - I'd move forward with breeding the get from this cross (and NOT linebreed back to grandpa) but apparently Freakshow DID have something to offer. Too bad he isn't OFA'd.

  7. I guess thats where we disagree. There is zero reason whatsoever to breed an unsound deformed dog, regardless of what he produces, regardless of what his hip scores are. And in my opinion, none of Freakshows productions are a step forward.