Friday, June 24, 2011

This should be abuse. But its not.

Why do people take such poor care of their animals that you end up with urine burn and crate sores, and then not only do you ignore these things, you ban anyone who speaks up about them . . . .

The logic of this just escapes me. Take care of your prize animals, and maybe you wouldn't have "haters" "hatin" on you constantly. (I was just banned, again, from the Razors Edge board for asking a gentleman why his stud had sores all over his feet)


  1. Can we say "puppy mill"?

    I think you'll find that this actually is abuse as it is caused by a neglectful living situation (i. e. being kept in a too-small cage 24/7 except for shows/breeding). Isn't that exactly what makes puppy mills illegal, along with lack of care and such?

    Maybe someone should send the authorities around to these "breeders" (read: "puppy millers") places and have them check out their animals. I'm sure not everything can be up to the standard of care if such sores can happen?

    Could you post the legal definition of a "puppy mill"? I'm pretty curious to see what the law actually defines as such...

    People like this need to go into business involving non-living things... Like slippers or something...

  2. I bet it's puppies will sell for 5 g's.

  3. These look like allergy feet to me - very common in bulldogs of any breed. If there is a new flower blooming pollen can coat the grass overnight, and all it takes is the dog to walk on the lawn to potty and then in short order you see feet that look itchy and sore like this - it can happen to the best of owners.

    I'm not saying that the feet should be ignored, I'm just saying its impossible to know what is up, exactly, based on this photo - and a bad photo at that.

    Its one thing to blog on real issues that we might be able to take action on and maybe improve the living situation of an animal that is actually being abused. Its another thing entirely to use a blog to promote your friends and bash your enemies under the guise of bringing abuse to light.

  4. Theresa, you hit the nail on the head...he's allergic to pollen. I have a dog that gets feet like that. He's a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix though. I have boots that I put on him to protect his feet and we made half our yard a gravel yard so that it wouldn't be so bad for him. He also gets a claritin once a day. He's also allergic to fleas and gets sores from that. We use Comfortis and that stuff is awesome!