Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pedigree Dogs Exposed - The Blog: "A bit too much haw..."

Pedigree Dogs Exposed - The Blog: "A bit too much haw..."

I agree with everything in this post. Completely heartbreaking, and completely senseless.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Drama of Crufts 2012

So there's been a great deal of fuss and drama in all aspects of the dog world lately, over the decisions made at Crufts this year. Now my point of view might be pretty skewed and maybe even ignorant, because I am not involved personally in any breeds that are A- shown, or B- part of the KC or AKC. I do know a fair bit about how shows work, and for the most part I am not impressed. I have followed PDE (Pedigree Dogs Exposed, both the tv program and the blog of the maker of the program), as well as numerous other blogs and websites of people I feel are wiser than I in dogs. Some of them are delighted at the events of Crufts, others are horrified and outraged. Me? I feel, hesitantly, that this is a good thing. I am not going to jump both feet first into either side, but I am leaning very lightly towards supporting it. I know things are done different in the UK because the KC owns the breed standards, and the AKC does not, so I am not sure where that affects this or even comes into play. But I fail to see how recognizing, and changing, that show ring fads and even the way the standard is written, has had a detrimental effect on many of the breeds we love and cherish, is BAD. Some of the naysayers of these events have pointed out that, for example, the Clumber bitch has a CERF clear certificate. Okay? The eyeball itself might be cleared of any disease, but the haw (inner membranes of the eye socket, incl inside of the eyelids themselves) are open and exposed to air. The standard CALLS FOR THIS. The standard REQUIRES that some of the haw, the mucous membranes that should not be exposed to air and foreign debris, BE OPEN AND EXPOSED TO AIR AND FOREIGN DEBRIS.


A breed standard is (supposed to be) a lofty aspiration of perfection. Its not an excuse for flaws that make a dogs life uncomfortable or downright painful. There is a huge difference between health testing and health. Someone else posted some pictures of the German Shepherd Dog that passed HIS vet check at Crufts. He also has all his health clearances, hips and elbows and so on. But his spine looks like a piece of driftwood, with a sharp hump in the middle. So his hips are the eq of OFA Excellent, but his body is built in such a way that hes hardly healthy or functional.  THIS is what I feel is going to be improved by the KCs insistence on health as well as beauty. Your Basset could have great hips, great eyes, and be the most winningest Hound of all time, and still be waddling around with his sheath dragging in the dirt and incapable of traveling faster than 2 mph. There is no reason for this. He can be a beautiful typey Basset that fits the standard very closely, without the massive exaggerations that cause him pain.

This is unacceptable. Extremes of body to the point where they negatively affect the dogs quality of life is UNACCEPTABLE.

For those worried that this is just the first step in giving in to the nutjob whacko animal rights people-- I'm worried about that too!! Anything that gives them a foothold into our world scares me! But sadly in this instance, without meaning to, they are right. SOMETHING needs to be done. This is a mockery, a laughingstock, an outrage, and tragedy.

For the point that modern show has improved many breeds, and you will of course show pictures of dogs from 100 years ago and then a dog from today and point out the structural improvements-- yes! Absolutely many things have been improved! We know SO much more today about spine, angulation, hips, shoulder, neck, etc. many many things have been improved and that's fantastic! Keep going with that! But along with many of these improvements, in many breeds, have come crippling deformities. Dogs with so much extra skin that they cannot see properly. Dogs with crippled rear ends that cannot even trot, so they end up doing a strange Hyena-esque pacing. Dogs that have been made heavy and overdone to the point that they cannot get out of their own way. These are things that did not have to come along for the ride with the improvements. These are vanities, fads, and they need to GO AWAY.

(I apologize in advance for any typos or inconsistencies, I really felt I had to get this all down in text before life got ahold of me again or I lost my thoughts. )

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not dead!

Terribly disappointing, I know. Sorry for the lapse, lovely readers. It hasen't been for lack of fuglies to blog about, it has been for lack of time to cover all the idiocy going on. I love my breed, I truly do. I love the American Pit Bull Terrier too. Its the owners I can't stand. Every single day I lurk the boards, and the breeder sites, and the facebooks, and the shitstorm is overwhelming. There aren't enough minutes in the day to cover all the stupid things I see and hear. Its building to a climax and I can only hope we come out the other side soon, and then we can sweep away the chaff and settle down and actually make progress.

But until then, the people and what they are doing make me want to go live underground and have an ant farm.

I'll leave you with this wonderful gem in the meantime. Next post will probably be an information dump (maybe), I have been reading and researching a lot lately on genetics and psychology so thats definitely on the brain.

Yes. This is a real dog. Not a paper mache construct made by a blind 10 year old.

And your eyes are not deceiving you. He is indeed at a show. An ABKC show, I am told, just this last weekend. Where? Who owns him? Who bred him? Why? I have no answers for those. Maybe a reader can clue me in, although I am not sure any AmBully people read my blog

Monday, June 27, 2011

Five most dangerous dogs in the world

Revealed: The 5 Most Dangerous Dogs In The World!

Posted on 09 April 2011 by admin
Undoubtedly it’s going to be controversial. Without fear of chicken counting, it will receive a lot of traffic. And without any element of doubt, it might cause ripples but it needs to be out there, for the public to know. We’ve decided to publicly name the five MOST dangerous dogs on the planet.
The Most Dangerous Dogs in the World
in reverse order:

5. Badly fed dog.
Badly fed dog is the animal who’s been fuelled up with a diet fit for an Olympic weight lifter, but who only ever gets to expend about 20% of the calories he takes in. He’s got lots of energy and his mismatched diet can manifest in bouts of sudden energetic rampaging. Badly fed dog would ask you to consider; how you would feel spending your day in an office when every inch of your body is throbbing and twitching as you crave the opportunity to actually use up some of those excess calories. Badly fed dog would be happier and safer if his diet reflected his lifestyle.

4. Never had any friends dog.
Otherwise known as ‘totally under socialised dog’.
He was a little naughty when he was a puppy, so his owner decided he’d be better off being kept away from all other forms of animal life. He now spends his days obsessing over what it would be like to chase other dogs around and, by George, one of these days he’s gonna actually do it!
Never had any friends dog is going to present his owner with a lifetime of problems, he has no social skills and has never had a chance to learn natural interaction through the teachings of his own kind. He’ll meet new dogs and will be about as socially adept as a 45-year old virgin at a Playboy mansion party. He’s going to blow it. Big time.

3. Shouty.
Shouty is the dog who has spent most of his life shouting at folks or being shouted at himself. He sees people on his street, he shouts at them. In turn, his owner shouts at him. Shouty presumes being shouted at is a recognition of his excellent work. In fact, hearing his owner shouting in response to his own shouting encourages his assumption that they’re just as upset, anxious, nervous, angry as HE is about the audacity of other people/dogs/pigeons to walk past his window. Shouty is relentlessly encouraged and endorsed in his shouty behaviour and, a bit like no friends dog, shouty spends his days imaging how good it will be when he FINALLY gets his chance to get face to face with the objects of his ire.

2. House proud.
House proud dog is SO touchy about people coming to his digs unannounced, he’ll happily maim you for your insolence in trying to visit his abode without obtaining the correct visitation paperwork.
House proud dog does a line in dishing out injuries to posties, meter readers and delivery people. Fortunately for house proud dog, his owners absolutely REFUSE to believe he is capable of violence, so leave him completely unattended to dish out his own brand of justice to anyone brash enough to consider entering his domain.

1. Spoilt dog.
“That’s mine and these are mine, those are mine, I’m entitled to that, I believe that I saw that first, I lay claim to those, I own all of these, I’m the rightful proprietor of this…”
Welcome to the world of spoilt dog. Quite simply, he believes everything he wants, he can have. Woe betide anyone to tell him differently. His timid owners have never had the heart to let him know that in the human world, simply showing your teeth and growling doesn’t constitute a legal contract on the ownership of goods. They let him off and, worse, they let him keep his spoils, which he’ll gather up and place in his own corner of the world.
Sadly, spoilt dog is, one day, going to meet someone who is unaware that he has previously laid claim to every possession on earth. Unfortunately, unlike spoilt dog’s owners, this person is going to have to find out the hard way just how deep spoilt dog’s sense of entitlement runs. Really hard luck if it happens to be a youngster, blissfully ignorant to the fact that the shiny ball on the floor is spoilt dog’s most prized possession (at that VERY moment). A few stitches and a spell in hospital ought to serve as a permanent reminder though.

[You know it makes sense.]

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Help me, for I am ugly.

What on earth is this? A rat? Some kind of mustelid baby? An alien? An ewok?

BUT WAIT, THERES MORE!!! I swear their eyes and foreheads bulge out PAST their noses. How do these things walk around without falling over? They look like bobblehead toys, and are about as big. This is disgusting. But you, too, can own one for the low low price of $4500!

Friday, June 24, 2011

This should be abuse. But its not.

Why do people take such poor care of their animals that you end up with urine burn and crate sores, and then not only do you ignore these things, you ban anyone who speaks up about them . . . .

The logic of this just escapes me. Take care of your prize animals, and maybe you wouldn't have "haters" "hatin" on you constantly. (I was just banned, again, from the Razors Edge board for asking a gentleman why his stud had sores all over his feet)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Good

I've been bitching about the nasty and plain ugly, so heres some of the flipside, nicely built American Bullies, of 3 of the 5 main class/sizes. I have tried to get a decent mix of the sizes and genders. All of these dogs have mass and type, but without losing their basic skeletal/musculature SOUNDNESS. I know 3/4 of these dogs personally and they CAN haul ass, and run and jump and twist and turn. And they don't tire easily.

Male, Standard

 Male, Extreme

 Female, Extreme, or Standard if the owner chooses to show her in that class.

Female, Pocket

Male, Pocket (approx 1 year of age. He might finish out going either pocket or extreme)

Male, Pocket

Male, Standard

Male, Pocket, and Female, Pocket. The male could be shown in the extreme class, and the female could go standard, but per HEIGHT, they are both pocket.

Female, Standard or Extreme

And a class that doesn't get a lot of fans, XL
Female, XL

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Whats going on here?

I'm sorry my  "good bully" post is long in coming, I am trying to assemble pictures. Meanwhile, can any show people tell me what on earth is going on with this dogs gait, and why it looks like this, and more importantly, what structural abnormality CAUSED this?

And by this I mean the odd thing his overreaching / right hind leg is doing. Instead of being two / / and two  \ \ he is / \\\

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Proud of their "Freakshow"

While it makes me happy to see people speaking out against these kinds of dogs, even within the American Bully community, I am still dismayed at the number of people praising it, and breeding to it, and thinking its something wonderful. All of these dogs are offspring to the red male. I just can't even get into whats wrong with this picture. Avoid anything related to this dog, at all costs.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Krazy Kolor breeders

Now in the American Bully. Look assholes, just because its a rare color doesn't mean it needs to have its balls. He has tiny piggy eyes, a snipey long snout, no type to his head, hes out at the elbows, SEVERELY easty westy, short upper arm, cowhocked, spider toes,  high rear, no muscle tone, no bone, no substance. Folks, THIS DOG IS FUGLY. Not even his color can save him!

And while I'm ranting about ugly lilacs and purples, what the hell is this thing? Do my eyes deceive me when I see MANGE??????