Thursday, June 2, 2011

$5000 will get you....

Obnoxious thug crunk rap warning: Turn off speakers before clicking

Here are two big name studs that you can use for the low low price of $5,000!

What is wrong with people? High rears and fucked up fronts don't even begin to cover the issues here!


  1. I'm trying to educate myself on this new breed. I see the fiddle front on the male on top - as well as his two (they had to count them! testicles. But is this dog a train wreck per his breed standard? The standard allows for a higher rear.

  2. The standard may allow a high rear, though they thankfully say "slightly" which neither of these dogs are, they are VERY high, but from a "free moving, comfortable, sound dog that will live a pain free life" its very incorrect. IMO, regardless of what the breed standard says, you need to walk the fine line between "best for the dog" and "best for the breed" while still sticking close to the breed standard. Bulldogs and Bloodhounds and Bassets come to mind, and the wrecks they have become.

  3. Why is there a standard at all if its 1) wrong and 2) no one will breed to it?

    I don't see the top dog as unsound - despite his fugly front. He is not excessively easty/westy in front per the breed standard. His rear is not so high as to create a roached back as in English and French bulldogs as per their standards.

    Any breed, it seems, once standardized and bred for show falls victim to fashion trends such as exagerations in size. It sounds like Am Bulls, still very much in its breed infancy, needs to further nail down its standard.

    Despite the fact that these are APBT - and by fact I mean the pedigrees are proven in direct lineage with UKC and ADBA registered dogs - that are being mutated into this new breed, even though they are not my type, I like that they have 1) full tails (which supports a healthy spine), and 2) no stupid color restrictions (which meaninglessly restrict the gene pool.)

  4. It does (need to decide on a ****ing standard). And it is (still in its infancy). The last year alone has seen a lot of things I have high hopes for-- the show ring becoming more serious and professional, no more gigantic 4" wide spiked collars, people like AKC breeder/handler Ron Ramos and Michelle and Benny Chavez becoming an ABKC judge, and breeders overall taking their own dogs more seriously and wanting to improve the breed for the long haul.

    A color restriction the ABKC used to have that they then quietly removed, was the DQ of merles. I would dearly like to see that put back in, but somehow I don't think they will listen to me...

  5. Ugh - I forgot about merle. It can be bred responsibly, so the registering body could require that in order to register any merle it would have to have been bred responsibly.

    Merle is awful - I like to be color blind, but admit not a fan of merle even though I think some merle dogs are pretty.

  6. Lol, I think you should do a post on working dog breeds such as full blood hunting and herding dogs who become popular and then turn into "problem breeds" due to people purchasing them as pets because they are "pretty", when the dog clearly needs a job (Australian Shepherds come to mind German Shepherd Dogs have been suffering from this phenomenon for ages, and also German Shorthaired Pointers, even Retrievers etc).

    This is my pet peeve and I really am sick of seeing ads in the paper for adult, unaltered GSD males who are "a little pushy" looking for a new home. Upon calling I am usually told that the dog is hard to handle and ill-trained and often the owner has issues with the dog displaying "aggression" towards other dogs or pushing over their children. But he's got balls you know, so you can breed him to your backyard-chained-to-a-clothes-line-mongrel-wolfhound-cross-dane-cross-some-other-big-breed. Those pups will be MASSIVE and GREAT GUARD DOGS don't you know it....

    P.S. I own a neutered merle bitch out of an oops-litter (mother solid mixed-breed, father champion merle German Coolie working dog) and I find that most people who tend to breed merles to each other (sometimes indiscriminately, because, you know, the colour rocks lol) simply lack education. People in the street ask me about her colour and get quite disturbed when I explain to them the complications of breeding with animals of this colour. Even seasoned dog people often simply don't know

    I live in Australia and it seems that most breeds that claim "Australian Anything" as their title are likely to be a breed based on merles. These people seem to be flummoxed when told that their merle x merle pairings are likely to breed deaf and blind pups or they say things like "Yea, I've been wondering if my bitch was at fault, she always seems to have a few of those" wtf lol

    Obviously I can't speak for anywhere else in the world but I would really appreciate some feature article on merle breeding in the big breed magazines (I am a member of DOGS Australia and receive their magazine every month). Education and breed registries registering only merles out of responsible pairings would go a long way to help out registered merles (you'll obviously never get all the BYB nuts to care enough to go out of their way to find out how to breed responsibly)

    As far as I know Dalmatians have similar problems with all white pups as well? (Am not involved in that breed at all but I seem to remember reading about it)

  7. I've heard that Dalmatians without color on their ears are the most likely to be deaf. You find it in Splashed white horses as well. It has something to do with the lack of pigment on the inner ear.

    I own a double silver dapple(double Merle)Miniature Dachshund who lucked out in not having any problems. He was an oops litter, and the person doesn't intentionally breed them. That being said he's gorgeous and will be neutered because he doesn't need to breed. It amazes me how many people don't KNOW about the problems Merle x Merle breeding can cause. It's always been one of my favorite colors and before getting one I read up on it, and did a bunch of research.
    What bugs me about the Dachshunds is they call it silver dapple even though it is Merle and causes the same issues when homozygous.

  8. When the dogs (in both videos) started moving, the first thing that flashed in my mind was 'pot-bellied pig' because the sag in the middle of the topline, with the shoulders and hips a bit higher, just reminded me of a pot-bellied pig at the shelter near me. I don't think that breeding shorted legged dogs is the wisest way to have the healthiest animals. Eventually, with shorter legs and heavier bodies, there WILL be problems with the spine.

  9. Haha, I agree, pot-bellied pig is one of the first thngs the side view reminded me of. Watching them waddle around made me giggle. Is that the reaction these guys are going for? $5000 to make your own giggle-ticklers? Lol

    I forgot to mention that my dog is fine, too, but the bitch is pretty unlikely to have had any merle influences so it wa just the dog passing on the colour, not a double dose. However my dog does have some wierd eyes on her, they are half blue half brown (and I don't mean one blue one brown eye, I mean each eye is half/half). Is that common in merles?

  10. LOL I like the pot bellied pig comment. And yes, "cracked" or multicolored eyes are common in merles.

  11. Yup multi colored eyes are common, mine has all brown eyes. In the Double Merles it's the solid blue eyes that tend to have issues from what i've read. They have the "starburst" pupils, real trippy to look at. My Siamese has them and can't focus on things at all most times.

    Pot bellied pigs is exactly what they look like :D actually the first one looks like my boss's old piggy down to the white spot and everything...