Saturday, May 28, 2011

Arf arf arf arf!

More seals! Because everybody should have a dog with his feet in different zipcodes! He even has flippers, actual flippers! Webbed, splayed toes. His left elbow looks like its holding a grudge against his ribcage, and doesn't he look just super happy to be alive! Another trainwreck male off a Big Name Stud, trying to make their money back. Look people if you didn't get conned and taken in by pretty websites, bling, and Big Names in the first place, you wouldn't have garbage that you blew $thousand$ on. Doesn't anybody look at their dogs? Or pick up a book?



  1. Wow, I just wondered over from the fugly horse and am simply stunned. What breed is this actually supposed to be if I may ask? Haha, I guess mini horse breeders using dwarfism-affected horses as studs is not the wierdest thing out there after all!

    I shall hang around, this blog looks interesting ^^ Hopefully it will take of and become equally as educational to dog owners alla round the worls as the fugly horse is on the horse world :)

  2. This is an American Bully, a breed I love that had its roots about 20 years ago as just another fad crossbreed, but is slowly becoming more serious. There is a breed registry, ABKC, and conformation shows that are slowly becoming more professional, and breeders... Well SOME breeders, are starting to talk about doing health testing on breeding stock in the future. The Am Bully has a bright future, if we can get fuckwads like this to stop breeding deformed dogs!

    Welcome to the blog!