Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sticks! Sticks everywhere! (NSW)

This is what I get to see breeders proudly showing off. Shes two weeks from whelping. Yay! More stick straight puppies! Her size isnt bad, but shes grossly underdone, much much too terrier for the Am Bully. She should, more properly, be considered an APBT, but not even APBTs have such retarded structure. No angulation, anywhere. This dog is a roached box on sticks. At least her feet are nice.... Thats all I can say.

And then theres this. I don't know if I should laugh uncontrollably or rage and pull my hair out. (did I mention my blog is not worksafe?) (I tried to figure out a setting to only show the first few lines of a post until you clicked on the blog entry itself, and I can't find it, otherwise I would have done that here. Sorry!)


  1. Good golly - these folks must not have the internet and thus have no clue on doing an AI - idiots.

    The b!tch in the top pic, to be fair, IS prego. Even the nicest show dogs look hideous when carrying a big belly full of pups. I *think* I see a slipped hock, but the bad angles aren't as evident to me as she is stung up in the pic and so not a proper stack.

  2. Hm. I really dislike the rape machine, to be honest.
    Only one more way to force a bitch into overbreeding once she feels she's had enough....
    Is that thing used very commonly in serious breeding?

  3. Breeding stand, please. Hate something if you like, but don't call it "rape machine" geeze

    I don't see the point of using them in a mellow breed like the Am Bully, though in this case the bitch is not strapped to it, maybe it was just to steady her while the human helped the poor little dwarf guy get up there. I see them used inappropriately, for example holding a very small bitch up so a very large male/different breed can breed her, which is detrimental to HER health for the whelping later, or to allow a male to breed a bitch who is NOT yet in standing heat. Both of those make me angry, because they fail to do whats best for the animal.

    BUT, in the APBT or other particularly drivey or combative breeds, they are sometimes needed. Even in standing heat, a very dog aggressive bitch will STILL not stand quietly for breeding. If she is otherwise spectacular and a great member of a breed, by all means slap her ornery little butt in a stand. Dogs do not get to dictate terms to their humans! But when its used to the dogs harm, like an injured or eldery bitch, or too small bitch, then I hate them.

    Every tool has its time and place

  4. There is no need for a breeding rack when you can use AI. In the example above, why tork your male's back if he is too short to mate naturally?

    And an unwillingness to stand for a stud is not unique to APBT or drivey breeds: some DOGS just do not want to stand for certain other DOGS. In these cases, rather than resorting to facilitated doggy rape via a breeding rack [which IMHO is not the best for the animal], why not use AI? It is so much simpler - JMHO.

  5. Theresa sometimes its just not workable, and I can see why and when. Bitches first breeding? Don't know she wont stand til shes on the day she needs to be bred and you've tried her with the male 5 times? Its too late to schedule an AI, even if you did happen to have a few hundred $ up to a few thousand $$$$ in your pocket right that very second. I agree it would be the safer course of action, but I cannot control everyones actions, and using a stand in place of your bent knee and hands, I see no issue with.

    In the example above, I just don't even know what to say. Both people are idiots. Kudos to that little stud for giving it his all, though! I wonder where they intend to put him for the remainder of the tie?

  6. AI doesn't cost hundreds - the kits are available online or from your vet. Easy peasy. Its one thing to use your hands and knees to hold a girl in place during the breeding - its another thing to tie the dog so its immobile: IMHO that is wrong.

    Agree the people are idiots: that male will need a chiro!

  7. I think these people are weird perverts..