Sunday, May 29, 2011

And now the ladies

So far I have just featured trainwreck males and nice males. The Am Bully is a male-oriented breed, unfortunately, and good females don't tend to be as impressive or flashy so they aren't as noticed. They also don't tend to be as messed up, structurally, but when they are whoooooo boy lookout

This sad little girl is named Sweet Money. Likely for what her idiot owner is anticipating making off her when he breeds her to death. Theres unfortunately nothing about this poor baby thats correct or even reasonable.

Now that you have seen horrifying, here is another brindle and white bitch that is lovely, and her breeders did something right with her. Shes not perfect of course, but her faults are minor and the total package is just wonderful, lots of bulk and breed type, without losing her femininity. Unfortunately I do not know her name or who owns her, but kudos to them! I can only hope that when (not if) she gets bred, the male is just as balanced and cute.  And look, she has a full tail!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I am really not into bulldogs in general, but even I kinda like the look of the bitch on the bottom.
    She really has the APBT head on her, rather than a wrinkly mess that looks like a crunched up teddy bear lol

    And her body is muscly rather than bent in funny ways and rounded like a baby seal.

    I think this type of dog rather than the first example will definitely get people more interested and involved in this breed. I mean, come on, that blue thing with his red rocked out you posted the other day looked like some kind of deformed sub-species of frog to me, not a dog I would actually want to shell out money for lol!
    But then again, people breeding dog-frogs like that are probably in it to make a quick couple of bucks, rather than actually improve the breed. Shame on them.