Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good breeders create better and better

This is an example of a good breeder, lest you all think American Bullies are somehow a breed composed entirely of freaks and animals created by a drunk Picasso. He is not hiding or photoshopping any angle of his animals, he has correct and to-the-standard dogs, and reading (approx) from top to bottom, he is getting better and better every generation. He also shows heavily, and makes an honest effort to help and educate his fellow dog people. This is the kind of person that is GOOD for a breed.

Remember, unless its a step forward, its a step back!

One more pic of 3 generations, R to L. These are all mature intact males, as well. You CAN breed for correct temperament. These things are not random, people!


  1. "he has correct and to-the-standard dogs,"

    Can you please post the standard for this breed?

    Thank you!

  2. American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) is the registering body for this breed, and they have the standard on their website.

  3. Ugh. The ABKC accepts pure bred APBT that are registered ADBA, UKC and also AKC AST as well as Bull Breed Coalition Registry registered dogs - of which it appears you can register anything - provided you mark the box that says your dog conforms to the breed standard. It also refers to them as Shorty Bulls. There is no consistency with the name of the breed (as of yet.) ABKC says it does not accept any other Am Bull registry but contradicts itself by allowing dogs that are BBCR registered into their stud books.

    Quite honestly the sooner these hideous things exit the APBT and AST gene pool, the better.

    I'm not saying that the trend for these low riders (what they call them in my area) doesn't have its fans, as clearly they do -but they started with pitbulls and corrupted them just as was done to the original bulldog, aka English Bulldog.

    I didn't see anything in the standard that promoted the health of the breed - allowances for deformities were allowed for large size - that makes NO sense.

    I do like that all colors and patterns are allowed - that is very cool.

  4. The Shorty Bull is a different breed than the American Bully, with different founders and a different goal. You might want to actually educate yourself before spouting nasty words (and lies) like "corruption". The entire point of the American Bully, from the very start, was a docile loving family dog with none of the snark of the APBT, that had an impressive "bodybuilder" physique.

    Not everyone wants to throw out the people stability when they want to walk away from the dog-to-dog aggression and outrageous drive and energy. Not everyone wants a Siberian Husky on crack.

  5. It's pretty rude of you to respond in such a hot manner to someone's opinion about the looks of a dog. You started this blog to highlight your opinion on badly bred dogs - which is your prerogative, obviously, but jumping on someone else's opinion ("you might actually want to educate yourself") is not the best way to educate someone who doesn't see things the same way you do. They may, if you can educate them in a better way than showing a few pictures with little explanation of what flaws you see, come around to your way of seeing and thinking about these dogs.

    And the way you lump all APBTs into one group of dogs with snarky attitudes lessens your credibility. We all have a different opinion about what looks good (some people think sighthounds are skinny weird things, for example) and if Theresa doesn't like the way the Am Bully/Shorty Bulls look, she doesn't have to. Admittedly, she didn't have to call them 'hideous' but if she prefers the less exaggerated physique of the average APBT, that's fine.

    You didn't respond in any way to her observation about the laxness in registration credentials, which was the main thrust of her comments. Trying to turn it back into snark about other types/breeds ("Siberian Husky on crack" and implying that APBTs are all dog aggressive and lack people stabilty) doesn't help others see what you see in an Am Bully.

  6. I've been involved in APBT since 1994. I currently raise and show a different bully breed. How many years YOU been in the breed? How many litters do you have under your belt? How many champions have you bred or titled?

    "Not everyone wants to throw out the people stability when they want to walk away from the dog-to-dog aggression and outrageous drive and energy. Not everyone wants a Siberian Husky on crack."

    In my experience, the dog you describe above IS corrupted if that is the quality of APBT in your area: 20 years ago, same as today - *correct* APBT were traditionally bred to NOT be human aggressive, ie people stable. Dog/dog aggression happens in any TERRIER, and - surprise - while many APBT adults LOVE puppies they were never originally known for their ability to socialize with strange adult dogs. And FYI - dogs that are so drivey as to be unhandleable are a recent corruption stemming from the '80's when folks started breeding for giant blue things that were bred as far away from correct APBT temperament so as to be able to do ring sport/be willing to bite a human.

    Breeding pure bred APBT and AST and tossing a lil' shorty bull in now and then to shrink the breed down to what you call an "Am Bully" IS corrupting the APBT. These dogs are essentially pure bred APBT, but bred for the squatty toad like appearance, bulk and weight. I've seen the trend - the low riders that are short and thick - advertised all over the internet and in my local Craig's List - and just didn't know what they were called. They look like your "Am Bullies" but are still being advertised and sold as *pitbulls*, or pocket pits. And since they are papered from the major recognized pitbull registries - ADBA, UKC - guess what? They ARE pitbulls, albeit highly corrupted versions of them.

  7. Thats not what an American Bully is either. Honestly Theresa, you literally have no idea what you are talking about. Like *I* said, I have experience in BOTH AmBullys and APBT. I said nothing about human aggression, so don't jump on that when I said nothing about it. Siberian Huskies aren't human aggressive either. Why would you jump to that conclusion?

    And no, human aggression is not limited to big blue amstaff mixes that do bitesports. A good Sch or Ring dog is not human aggressive, (and a bad one simply doesn't score well and is distracted and flaky, theres never "going for the man") and doesn't have to be. I suppose you are going to say Leri and all her little cute rednose things doing Ring are bad members of the breed? Or that Grant, the White Rock Amstaff that helps little kids learn how to read, is human aggressive? Hes a bitework dog too. No, bitework is not human aggression. I dare you to find your local club and go watch them work. Its a gigantic game of "Get the Sleeve!", the human and desire to bite a human has nothing to do with it.
    You are thinking, possibly, personal protection dogs, dogs trained for CIVIL man work, not a sport similar to agility. Pit bulls tend to be very very bad at civil work, and things like Malinois tend to be very good at them.

    You sound like you are quoting from the Pit Bulls for Dummies book.

    And pit bulls that were unhandleable is not a new thing. Many famous and manywinning pit fighting dogs would bite their handlers or other people, but they were bred anyway. The whole "manbiters were shot on the spot" myth going around is very romantic and very sweet, but untrue. Most old time fighters never bit anyone, but the ones that did were left alive... If they did well in the box.

    Take off the rose colored glasses. There are actually more instances of human aggression in ADBA pit bull terriers than there is in ABKC bullies. This is fact. Not opinion. Iv seen the dogs go after people. Iv been bit/attacked by my own gamebred dogs.

  8. How long have you been in dogs? Like I said, 1994 for my first APBT, but I grew up with show dogs so 40+ years in the game here.

    YOU were the one who said:
    "Not everyone wants to throw out the people stability when they want to walk away from the dog-to-dog aggression and outrageous drive and energy. Not everyone wants a Siberian Husky on crack."

    If you did not mean to imply that the dogs in your experience are like this - because they are not MY experience that is for sure - then what did you mean?

    "And no, human aggression is not limited to big blue amstaff mixes that do bitesports. A good Sch or Ring dog is not human aggressive, .."

    I didn't say that. I stated that the trend for breeding for APBT to be willing to bite a person started in the '80's and at the time I saw certain kennels breeding for big and blue as well as a willingness to bite humans. I had a number of friends who had schutzhund dogs and time and again they could not find a well bred APBT willing to bite a human - wearing a sleeve or not. My experience, 20 years ago in the breed.

    The ONLY APBT I've seen go after humans were ghetto bred/grade bred crap. It would be inconceivable for my own gamebred dog to attack me, much less any human. I think its you that need to take the rose colored glasses off: if your dog is trying to bite you, you are not working with a correctly bred temperament - that or you are training it wrong.

    "There are actually more instances of human aggression in ADBA pit bull terriers than there is in ABKC bullies."

    How could this possibly be fact? Who has this documented? How can this possibly be true in any way when the type you call Am Bully is still being sold as American Pit Bull Terriers?

  9. Came in hoping to find a kindred soul who was aware of the pitiable state of bully breeds these days.

    Found another "shorty bull" (is THAT what we call them?) fan. For someone who wants to have a FHOTD spin off blog, you might take a leaf out of her book and educate yourself on the animals you want to bitch about.

    Also if my own dog was trying to bite me I'd take a hell of a hard look at what I was doing wrong. Just sayin'.

  10. Rookiemom, I'll admit I'm a bit confused as to what you are talking about. If you don't know what a Shorty Bull is, or what an American Bully is, I'll simply say back to you "educate yourself on the animals you want to bitch about". As for MYSELF, I know darn well what an Am Bully is, and what a Shorty Bull is. I own both. Iv been with the American Bully since its infancy, and I have seen or heard everything that goes on in this breed. Before that I was heavily involved in ADBA heritage gamebred pit bulls, and also kept my eyes open and learned and listened.

    I am well aware of, sadly, probably more than most people, the pitiable state of ALL bull breeds nowdays. Half the reason I said good-bye to the ADBA world was the rampant barely disguised human aggression in the game lines, and anyone who claims "real" "traditional" pit bulls are NEVER human aggressive is either narrowly speaking of one breeder or one bloodline, or is simply very naive.

    I don't want this entire blog to get sidetracked into the much abused "pit bulls vs bullies" hate, so I won't be commenting on any of that any more. Anyone who might want to actually get the other sides "story" and see what the wonderful American Bully is REALLY about is more than welcome to email me :)

    Theres a reason I gave up more than 10 years of blood sweat and tears, and turned my back on all my dog friends, in favor of a breed of dog.

  11. Theresa, you are not posting facts. Until two days ago you didn't even know what an American Bully, Shorty Bull, or the ABKC was, and now suddenly you are an expert in them?

    There is no pit, Staff, or American Bully blood in the Shorty Bull, and there is no Shorty Bull in the American Bully.

    Use the Google and educate yourself, or don't talk about the breed(s) at all.

  12. Frosty - look at the pedigrees of the very dogs you are promoting. Since the 'American Bully' is not recognized by the UKC, where do you think the UKC PR dogs that resemble dwarf pitbulls came from? The very registry you are promoting accepts dogs registered by the ADBA - which is an exclusive American Pit Bull Terrier registry.

    This is the site you promote:

    This sentence says it all:
    The American Bully breed was created in 1990 and gained recognition and establishment in 2004, per the inception of the A.B.K.C.

    The ABKC recognized their own breed by establishing themselves.

    This on the site states where the breed originated from:
    Like with the American Staffordshire Terrier, all the positive characteristics of the breed’s ancestry were kept like loyalty, stability with humans and other physical attributes; but traits of dog aggression and gameness were bred out of the breed because the breed had no future and purpose for those traits. What differentiates this breed from the American Staffordshire Terrier is the physical appearance.

    So - AST's but different because they have not been bred to be a chodroplastic breed.

    The only thing that distinquishes the shorty bull from the am bull is size - shorties are 15 inches and under and am bulls are 16 inches and above. That is it. In other breeds these would be called miniatures and standards.

    Again from the website regarding registration:

    Q: What is the American Bully?
    A: All dogs currently registered as either American Pit Bull Terriers or American Staffordshire Terriers will be registered with us as an American Bully.

    On the registration form to make papers on your Am bull or shorty bull, it only asks for you to name the breed you are registering

    There is NO control over what breeds go into your shorty bull or am bull - and again, the only distinction provided on the website you promote is size - 15 inches or smaller, or 16 inches and above.

    Let's face it Kiddo - you got just over 10 years in the game - which is likey a stretch. Your don't seem to have your own 'facts' in order. Seems to me YOU need to educate yourself - try what I did, use that website you promote.