Sunday, May 29, 2011

Abusive show handling, GO!

Gotta love this picture. The show photographer said afterwards that she saw the entire thing building to a head and kept her camera trained on the dog for the moment he retaliated. Showing a dog on a prong? What the hell is wrong with people? If your dog is so unruly and out of control that you can't manage to hang on for the ride IN A SHOW RING, why is your dog out in public anyway? What I would really like to know, mostly, is how the hell your relationship with your own dog degrades to the point where he feels he has to bite you to tell you hes upset or stressed.

My mind is just blown right now. (Note this is a very old picture, from several years ago. I just fall over every time I see it.)


  1. Wow. I must confess, I haven't been to too many dog shows (mostly watched the dog events when they were at the show grounds when the horsey stuff was on lol) but in the classes I HAVE seen I have NEVER seen a dog on their handler.

    In fact, pretty much all dogs I've come across at a show were trained to be shown, so they knew their job beforehand and only needed to be presented, not schooled or anything while in public, bully breeds or not.

    How did this guy not realize before he got there that he was going to make an ass of himself with the way he and his dog deal with each other? You can obviously picture what's going on at home... Do you have the other photos out of this series? I would be curious to see how this came about in the first place.

    And this sort of stuff is what gives bully breeds a bad name in the first place :/
    Did you know in Australia (where I am at atm lol) APBTs are a so-called "restricted" breed so conscientious, law-abiding citizens who would make good handlers find it pretty much impossible to keep them, whereas asshats who don't vaccinate or really provide any sort of medical care are the ones breeding rank, conformational, backyard mongrel-mixed train wrecks who then get out of their insecure backyards and rusty chains to hunt kids in the neighbourhood, making the government think their views on "restricted breeds" are correct and justified? Makes you just want to cry....

    (Hah, actually proof read before posting this time >.< )

  2. *turn on their handler

    Lol and her eI was thinking I got it right this time >.>

  3. As for what caused this blowout, the male was trying to fire up at other males and generally act like a hot fool, and the owner was doing the angry POP POP POP POP SLAM on that prong collar to try to get the dogs attention. In my rather humble opinion, not being a trainer or behaviorist, if your dog is (in public) acting like an idiot and paying zero attention to you, you need to either endure it and the resulting drama, or you need to call it a loss and remove your dog for further training at home. YOU DONT TRAIN IN PUBLIC. EVER.

  4. What show is this? Who recognizes the Am Bully as a distinct breed?

    I don't know of any so this has to be one gawdawful APBT.

    I know of no shows that allow a pinch collar in the ring. Is this a fun match?