Friday, May 27, 2011

"The next big thing"

Yep, thats what they're calling him. This is the new prized stud of the proud S**** P**** Kennels (name censored because they don't need more business or attention).

Don't you want this dogs offspring? Aren't you jealous? This poor guy makes my knees hurt just looking at him, if his high rear wasn't bad enough his front is just.... Wow. I can imagine he walks like a seal on land, and his poor feet go flopping off to the side and he tries to run at an uphill to keep his arse from overtaking his nose.

Does this look like a happy dog to you? The poor kiddo should be humanely euthanized to spare him the next 10 years of misery as his body breaks down and collapses all around him, provided he doesn't die of heat stroke first.


  1. his feet look like the pictures of the evolution of the hoof that are in all of the horsey of the intermediate stages...that is so not normal...i can't...i don't even...

    how did that seem like a good idea?

  2. This poor thing is hideous. His body doesn't even look canine anymore, and there is no way in HELL he could do any pulling or actual work. Oh my doG.

  3. I think this is what inspired that Disney movie....

    You know...The one about that Hunchback in the bell tower.

    Seriously WHAT THE HELL?! This is animal cruelty!